Dear Parent/Carers,
I wish to inform you all of my resignation from my head teacher’s role at Kirklandneuk Primary School effective 24th May, 2020.  I will be moving into a new authority to take on another head teacher’s post.

I have spoken with Tracy Lundie, Parent Council Chair; Laura McAllister, Education Manager and Gordon McKinlay, Head of Service and they wish you to know that preparations are in place to assign an acting- head teacher to the school while the formal recruitment process takes place.

I will work with the acting-head to ensure all vital information is shared during the hand over process. 

I would hope to also arrange a time to come back to the school to say goodbye to the children once we are able to facilitate that.

I want to thank families for their support over the 3 ½ years I have been in role and say that I enjoyed getting to know you and working with your children.

I wish you all well during these very difficult times but know you will be supported positively by the current school team and the new head teacher.

Once again, thank you and I want to wish you well for the future.

In kind regards,

Karen Logue
Head teacher